Friday Random Links & Vids 03.26.10

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You know the drill, Friday random links and videos. Bill Paxton Pinball, He-Man, Nintendo, creepy old dude, backflip kung-fu nunchuck fail, worst dancers ever, brents remake of worst dancers ever, and a dude thats got some serious balls.


Bill Paxton – This guy made a pinball game based on Bill… creepy

Genius – Talk about being right in front of you the whole time…

Like He-Man? – These people do.

Bar Keepers Friend - I just liked the name…



One word. Creepy.


An oldie but a goodie… one of my favorites.


Titled “worst dancers ever” The next video (below) is my friend brents version… lol


Freaks Come Out A Night – Renewed Mind Edit from b-wang on Vimeo.

Brents version


no comment.


This guy has balls.


April 28, 2010 - 10:14 am

Don’t mess with Dr. Zauis.

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