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Updated to new WordPress

December 13th in Uncategorized

and as usual shit is broken. Working on fixing it, in the meantime go make a sandwich.

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Friday Jamz – Black Keys

December 2nd in 04 Music, Movies, Misc


First single off of their new album El Camino. This is literally one of the best videos I’ve seen in a long time. It’s not like all the other predictable garbage recipe shit you see all the time. I’m sure many of you will disagree, I’m ok with that.

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Mac Lethal – Kitchen Rap

December 1st in 04 Music, Movies, Misc


I’ve seen several of his videos over the year, this is the best one so far. He takes requests from viewers and makes his own version. This one is based off of the rap song “Look at me know” but with his own twist… all done while making pancakes. I also have the first two of his videos I saw in the post.

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Friday Jamz

November 18th in Uncategorized


Fukin’ A, back in the day. We need to bring the chains back to the game.

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Bison are Assholes!

November 14th in 02 Funny Videos, Images, Misc...


Way to take one for the team Gary! Bob’s always been an asshole, but at least he’s still alive…

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Picture 2

17 Random Images

November 11th in 02 Funny Videos, Images, Misc...

17 Random images, just like the title says. Have a good weekend, assholes!

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Friday Jamz, Bitches! You know what that means!

November 11th in 04 Music, Movies, Misc


Sexy time!

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Eastbound and Down Deleted Scenes

November 10th in 02 Funny Videos, Images, Misc...


One of my favorite shows ever… Thanks for the clip Alex Y.

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Ceddybu Da Sumo

November 9th in 02 Funny Videos, Images, Misc...


I’m not often speechless, this made me pretty close… lol He has dozens of videos on YouTube, I’ve posted a few in here for your viewing pleasure. I find it funny on the second video how they talk about being ballers or whatever cause they have hypnotic and some vodka… and they are mixing it in an abandon house lol. One of the comments on these videos was “How is your ass on backwards?” LOL, you’ll get it when you see it.

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